Philippines Salary Grade 2024: Grade 1 to 11, Check Salary Range for Government Employees

Ecbert Adom
Ecbert Adom
Philippines Salary Grade

Get to know the details of the Philippines Salary Grade 2024: Grade 1 to 11, Check Salary Range for Government Employees. The pay is transferred to the employees according to the Philippines Salary Grade. The Government has a decent way of delivering the salary package. Scroll to discover the information from this article.

Philippines Salary Grade 2024

There is a regulation to provide the pay to the employees. The payment is decided during the recruitment itself. This is known as the Salary Standardization Law of Philippines. This law suggests that the workers who are performing well will receive a salary upgrade and relevant benefits. This will be according to the position, employment type, skills, and knowledge of the employee. With the rise in the expenses for a standard living, people expect a hike in the package. Thus, the Government considers the request and provides the salary as per the grade of the citizens.

Salary negotiations and upgradations are a crucial part of the job. The employees can bring hope only at the workplace to get the credits. Otherwise, they need to think of working passively to generate a consistent income. There are a total of 33 Philippines Salary Grade according to which the pay is given. The salary is usually credited to the bank account of the beneficiaries as per the staggered dates.

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Philippines Salary Increase 2024

All the employees who are working full or part-time in the country must be willing to get a salary hike. The authorities provide an increase as per the skills of the worker.

Philippines Salary Grade

The increase is for the Government employees and the teachers who have relevant experience by now. 2024 is the year of happiness for all the workers. They will be receiving the benefits for all the hard work that they have put in. The current salary trends in the country are increasing benefitting several employees.

Philippines Payscale for Grade 1 to 11

The sectors in the country include manufacturing, finances, outsourcing, BioPharma, health care, Engineering, Education, and more. All these are observing a hike that is an ultimate benefit to the people.

During the interview process, the discussion for the payment is made. The employees can also check the details from the table below:

Salary Grade  Amount
1 PHP13000
2 PHP13819
3 PHP14678
4 PHP15586
5 PHP16543
6 PHP17553
7 PHP18620
8 PHP19744
9 PHP21211
10 PHP23176
11 PHP27000

The constant efforts while working in any industry will be a result of the good package. When it comes to work, employees have to be focused and dedicated to their jobs. They must be open to learning to create better experiences.

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Check Salary Range for Government Employees 2024

To get a government job in the country, the applicants have to check their eligibility. They have to apply via the Government portal. The supporting documents and the details have to be inserted to get the recruitment. The interview process is via the skill test, aptitude test, and more. The candidates have to be confident while appearing for the hiring procedure.

Most of the candidates first check the salary package, location, and more parameters then submit a job application. In some Government Departments, training is provided while in others the employees start to work immediately after joining.

The education sector of the country has a salary range of ₱18K -₱22K, the banking employees get ₱47K -₱55K and the pay scale of the revenue officers is ₱27K -₱31K. The employees of the local Government department get ₱6K -₱6K whereas the Airforce receives ₱29K -₱34K.

The package for the immigration bureau is ₱23K -₱27K, the employee of AFP gets ₱21K -₱24K, and the starting salary fo the agricultural employee is ₱17K.

We have discussed the salaries of fewer departments over here for your reference. There might be a slight variation in the data as we have derived it from various internet sources. Kindly note that in some of the Departments, paychecks work but generally, this is an online payment.

To check the salary range, the citizens have to browse the main portal. In the Recruitment section, they will find the relevant information. The updates are made frequently by the authorities. Thus, the employees must navigate to the website to get the latest information.

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