CPP Payment Dates, Disability Dates, Increase, CPP Amount & Limit

Vish Agarwal
Vish Agarwal
CPP Payment Dates

Check out the details about CPP Payment Dates, Disability Dates, Increase, CPP Amount & Limit from this article. Different details about CPP Payment Dates, Disability Dates, Increase, CPP Amount & Limit, and other important details are included in this article.

CPP Payment

Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is a monthly payment scheme for eligible individuals in Canada. CPP offers two categories – Retirement Pension and Disability Benefits. Each of these categories of the CPP has its own benefits as well as eligibility criteria. The retirement pension is a taxable benefit that replaces a part of income when individuals retire.

Individuals who have applied for the Canada Pension Plan can check the Payment Dates through the authorized web portal of the Government of Canada. The last CPP payment date was September 27, 2024. Now, the applicants can expect the next CPP Payment on October 27, 2024.

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CPP Payment Dates

Name Canada Pension Plan
Administered by Government of Canada
Country Canada
Types Retirement Pension and Disability Benefits
Age Limit of Retirement Pension At least 60 years
Age Limit of Disability Benefits Under 65
CPP Payment Dates October 27, 2024
Website canada.ca

Canada Pension Plan Payment

Canada Pension Plan provides monthly payments to qualified applicants who have made contributions to the CPP. As mentioned, CPP has two main categories. In order to qualify for the CPP Retirement Pension, an applicant must be – at least 60 years old and must have made at least 1 valid contribution to the CPP.

CPP Payment Dates

Whereas top qualify for the CPP disability benefit, an applicant  – Individuals must be under 65, have made enough CPP contributions, and have a long-term and indefinite-duration disability that frequently stops them from doing substantially gainful work due to a physical or mental impairment. Additionally, the CPP Disability Benefit has two main parts – CPP post-retirement disability benefit and CPP disability benefit.

Applicants can check whether they are qualified for the CPP Disability Benefit through the authorized web portal of the Canada Government. After successfully submitting the application for the CPP as per the eligibility criteria, the CPP payment will be received after – 7 to 28 days (Online Application) or 120 days (by Mail or in-person at the Service Canada Centre).

However, after sending or submitting the CPP applications, the authorities might take up to 4 months to make the decision. The decision will be based on the complete application form and an authorized medical report (signed). In case the authorities confirm that the applicant has a terminal illness, they will try to process the application within 5 business days.

CPP Disability Payment Dates

The next CPP Disability Payment will be done on October 27. After this, the subsequent CPP Payments will be made on the following dates – November 28 and December 20. The Government of Canada will update the CPP Payment Dates for 2024 in due course.

Furthermore, the dependent children of the individuals who are already receiving the CPP Disability benefit can also get a monthly payment if –

  • dependent is under 18 or between 18 and 25 and is in full-time attendance at a recognized school/university.
  • Must be a child of the individual who is receiving the CPP Disability Benefit.

Check the CPP Payment Dates –

Number  Date
1 Jan 27
2 Feb 24
3 Mar 29
4 Apr 26
5 May 29
6 Jun 28
7 Jul 27
8 Aug 29
9 Sep 27
10 Oct 27
11 Nov 28
12 Dec 20

Being monthly payment benefits, the government will make the CPP Payments 12 times a year.

CPP Payment Increase

Since 2019, the CPP payments have been gradually increasing. However, the CPP Enhancement will only work for the individuals working and contributing to the CPP from 2019 onwards. The workers of today have to pay slightly increased contributed amounts. Therefore, they will receive higher benefits and greater financial stability in the future.

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The 2019 enhancement adds 2 additional components to the CPP – the first additional component (between 2019 and 2024) and the second additional component (between 2024 and 2025).

CPP Amount & Limit

The CPP Amount directly depends on the age at which the individual started receiving payments, average annual earnings and Contributions. The maximum payment for the CPP in the Year 2024 can be checked through the authorized website of the Government of Canada.

Type  Maximum Payment (2024)
Retirement pension 1,306.57 dollars
Post-retirement benefit 40.25 dollars
Disability benefit 1,538.67 dollars
Post-retirement disability benefit 558.74 dollars
Children of disabled CPP contributors 281.72 dollars
Children of deceased CPP contributors 281.72 dollars
Death benefit (one time) 2,500 dollars

The individuals receiving the CPP payments might also be eligible for Post-retirement benefits, Death benefits, Survivor’s pensions, Post-retirement disability benefits, and Children’s benefits. Each of these benefits has its own set of eligibility conditions and aspects. Individuals can start receiving pensions from the age of 60 onwards. The maximum monthly amount is reached when the individuals turn 70.

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  • I Retired last October 30,2022 until now I don’t have a job so I apply for the Post Retirement benefit I’m 66 years old.

    • I don’t work and just get pensions I’m 66 would I be able to get it

  • We have been receiving GST and paying GST since January 1991 in Alberta so why is this new Primer making such a big deal about it …….. it’s to take over Senors pension the same as what happened in Montreal in the 90ths with pensions and most Senors moved out of the province …..she is note good for Alberta and in anyway next it will be are health care… Vote her out

    • Wrong, with Ms, Smith’s government taking over our CPP, Ottawa won’t be able to squander hundreds of millions of dollars on stupid things that won’t benefit us, like the millions spent on an apartment block in Mozambique.

    • No..you don’t need the money..
      Don’t ask..
      Your waiting your breath and nobody wants to hear your whinning !

      • That’s rude. See if you can live in a big city on the retirement income. I know some seniors that eat cat food because they can’t afford rent and food. Obviously you’re just a troll or you’ve never had to suffer from an incredibly low income and worry about paying the basics

  • I am on disabilty had two back surgerys in the past 15 years have chronic back pain nerve damage to my legs a nd back, which will be for the rest of my life. Epilepsy as well. I make hardly anthing just over $1400 per month., applyied for peel housing 12 years. How can I get a place to rent on this salary. Can someone help me these people from peel region don’t do nothing any advice can someone secure me affordable rent on my salary. Can’t even afford medicine

    • Try getting a job from home.
      Or just get off your ass and get to work.
      This country owes you nothing.
      Put your hand back in your pocket and smarten up.

  • Hi my name is savita rowat iam talking behalf of my husband Ray rowat he had a stroke and he can walk can’t talk I can’t get any help from the government he’s cpp old age is down I apply for he’s disability and I haven’t got any thing I worl every day my son is looking after in the day time and I look after at night my rent is so high I have to pay my bills food and my husband’s med and iam a diabetes I have to by my medical I can’t save any thing iam 63 and my husband is 77 I don’t know how I can get help if I can get little bit help for my husband’s stroke disability would be really helpful thanks

    • I know , it’s awful but Trudeau does not care about us that are on a small pension of any kind he just wants to rub us out somebody needs to put Trudeau on the train.

      • Not if you’re disabled buddy … why do you think some have disability income? And tell me. At 75 or 80 do you still want to work when you’ve already put in maybe 40 years?? If you’re healthy enough at 80 to wake up every day then that’s a days work already.

      • Not if you’re disabled buddy … why do you think some have disability income? And tell me. At 75 or 80 do you want to work when you’ve already put in maybe 40 years?? If you’re healthy enough at 80 to wake up every day then that’s a days work already.

  • Considering the media post about the Governor General spending over 100000 on dry cleaning with our tax dollars feeding this. It’s wrong that politicians still earn their wages even after they have left the field disgusts me to no end. That money can be used in so many ways that to better the struggling people born in Canada. People on disability in the 80s got 2000$ now they get $640 and 400 for rent.. WHO HAS A PLACE TO RENT FOR 400$? NO ONE THAT’S WHO. It’s pushing disabled people into the streets. And who cares about disabled persons? Not many that’s who.. It’s even better that civil workers are allowed to and DO GO to the food bank even though the civil workers make more that 100,000 a year. Canada is so FUD up.

  • Death benefits what a joke the clause is you must have worked 10 years before your death in order to receive the 2500. Just found that out with my brother passing an worse he was disability for his heart so the benefits weren’t allowed to get

  • Time to move out of Canada. This PM Trudeau and his government are not for the people. Will newer be.
    They prefer to pay the rich and bring new emigration to maintain the votes.

    Canada is not what it used to be.
    Take my pension to go somewhere else.
    That’s the only option, and Trudeau is aware and ok with this.
    Shame on Canada.
    Seniors, Veterans , Sick , Disebled, Families, non of this means anything anymore.
    It’s making me SICK.

  • Uea I’m a disabled person who suffered a traumatic brain injury walking down the street next to thugs who wanted cigarettes.now I have brain damage,trying to navigate the system,get as much as I am entitled to because I’m gonna have to survive with it.but nearly 10 years later…I’m still in some home getting 300 bucks a month while c.b.i.slowly milks anymore money I have left!what c.p.p.?I’ve never even been told about my c.p.p. status.

    • Try to contact your local brain injury society for help, as well as see if there is a brain injury rehab program anywhere near you, because they may be able to help you a lot.

  • I have COPD and a rite shoulder compensation benefit, my oxygen machines cost me 100 dollars a month more than normal ,so if I could get some disability help sure would be appreciated, thank you Ken Fischer.

    • Well it depends on a few things are you disabled or not ? Has a doctor said you are ! And need to be on disability? If so again Age if under 65 CPP disability but you get Zero medical help !! If your single and in Ontario check out ODSP even married but they will need your spouses income along with yours . And they will give medical help .
      Good luck there not much help out there

  • yes your so right I am.om disability and i have had 15 surgerys 2 major back surgery with pins rods metal screws metal cage fused disk and in living in a tent because I can’t afford rent any more I hate it I’m 57 well 58 this weekend so I’m do glad I have a dog I no homeless and have a dog yes I do and I won’t give her up she is my rock we need eachother and living out side omg thank God but any way all I hear is if your homeless your on drugs you pay for them that’s why you don’t habe a place well shame you you guys that is not always true and to bad if it is everyone deserves a place to live but i make1000 a mouth and yes I worked all my. life and living on this sucks i wish we could take the money that the government makes and they live on are money I bet they couldn’t do it so we need help and more money cheaper rent and get us off the streets come on I don’t want to live out here In the winter I will die out here so pls help the homeless thank you for your
    words Irene

    • Do you live in Ontario ? If so why have you not contact ODSP . They pay well rent can’t be all that bad if your on ODSP ! as I heard some get 2000 a mth which covers heat hydro rent plus what ever else. Well warming centres open in 6 weeks so get into one that should help keep you off street for the nights . I know we have a big issue and it need to be addressed badly but we don’t have advocate to speak on are behalf! This is where the issue is with the government and us the people something needs to change . And I’m not sure what or who can do it for us . As your right 1000 a mth is nothing I know I get 900 so I know and I feel your pain I have back issue and chronic nerve pain in both legs . Oh joy the cold weather is coming . It kills me .

  • Hello I’m on Cpp disability I only get 900 a mth is there anything else I can get to help top me up or is there any other pension that I can get to add onto this 60 yrs old . And dam it’s hard to get by on what I’m getting . What I get and what my meds cost eats up a quarter of my money a month then car insurance gas plus house hold cost and food . I need help .

  • A lot of people are suffering in Canada and the government doesn’t care. We need to change things up. Our gov. isn’t living up to its contract with the people and has to go. We the people have to find the will to organize and found a new way to govern ourselves so all people can be looked after, not just the rich and powerful.

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