Michelin Tire Rebate in US and Canada: How Do I Get a Michelin Tire Rebate?

Michelin Tire Rebate

In this article, you will get to know about the Michelin Tire Rebate in the US and Canada: How Do I Get a Michelin Tire Rebate? Michelin, the globally recognized tire manufacturer, is offering a rebates program to the passenger and light truck line in the US and Canada.

Michelin Tire Rebate in the US and Canada

Through this program, Michelin is delivering a financial incentive to their customers who use their tire. This rebate offers a high-quality tire range with a wide range of offers and tangible benefits to the US and Canadian citizens. To know furthermore essential information regarding the Michelin Tire Rebate, what it is, how to get it, and more, continue browsing this article.

As everybody knows, Michelin is one of the best-quality tire manufacturers in the world. Millions of individuals across the world are having their quality ride with the Michelin tire. So, the company has started a rebate program for their passengers, light truck tires, motorcycles, and bicycle tires. The Michelin tire rebate sum varies accordingly on the tire purchases from the range of $100 to $200.

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The Michelin Tire Rebate is running from 5 Oct 2023, to promote high-quality tires and a wide range of offers through the significant rebate. This rebate is structured to deliver 70 USD on every purchase of four new Michelin tires with an additional bonus of 30 USD on opting for the Michelin X-ice snow tires. However, this offer comes with specific terms and conditions that include eligibility criteria, limits on purchase, submission guidelines, and others.

This rebate initiative relief a valuable commitment to its customers by reinforcing the position of a customer-centric trademark in the tire industry. The customer needs to understand that this rebate is not offered at every price point. This rebate is set according to a specific term and conditions for US and Canadian citizens. The company will offer this rebate incentive till 26 Jan 2024, and the last date to register for the Michelin Tire Rebate is 5 Jan 2024.

Michelin Tire Rebate

The Michelin Tire Rebate program offers financial benefits to specified individuals in the US and Canada. These rebates are delivered to eligible individuals in the US and Canada their eligibility criteria include

  • The recipients should have their US or Canada permanent residency.
  • The tire frame needs to be purchased between the time period of 5 Oct to 31 Dec 2023. the last date can be extended but before this period, recipients are not eligible.
  • You need to buy four new Michelin passenger or light truck tires. Along with this, there is an additional bonus for those who purchase the X-Ice Snow tires.
  • Needs to buy the tiers from the Michelin tire dealers and inform them about the program to collect your virtual prepaid card to receive the rebate benefits.
  • Customers are required to submit their rebate claims before the deadline, and you can submit your claim application via an online portal or mail.

These are some eligibility criteria to receive the Michelin Tire Rebate benefits. From this, you can get $100 under this program. The 70 USD is for redemption and the remaining 30 is as a bonus. But for this, the applicant has to collect their virtual prepaid card to receive the rebate benefits.

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How Do I Get a Michelin Tire Rebate?

To get the rebate benefit, you must purchase the four Michelin tires that come under the eligibility criteria and their specific terms and conditions. To get a Michelin Tire Rebate incentive, follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Browsing the leading portal www.michelinman.com/deals-promotions-and-rebates.
  • Then, on the home page, you will see a rebate form. Select that.
  • Fill out the needed details and attach a copy of your receipt and your TINs.
  • Submit the application and you will receive your verification mail within a 5 to 6-week duration.

By following the mentioned steps, you can fill out the rebate application and get your rebate benefits. Determinate to make a claim before the deadline. The payment will automatically be credited to your mentioned bank account.

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