Centrelink Pension Payment Schedule 2024: Month Wise Payment Dates for All Pension Schemes

Ecbert Adom
Ecbert Adom
Centrelink Pension Payment Schedule

You will find the relevant details for the Centrelink Pension Payment Schedule 2024: Month Wise Payment Dates for All Pension Schemes here. There is nothing to worry about for the Centrelink Pension Payment Schedule. The authorities have already shared the corresponding dates in their official portal. The beneficiaries can also scroll through this article to find the schedule.

The two types of common pensions Age Pension and Disability Support Pension are provided to eligible citizens. To receive the payment for the public pensions, the older citizens will have to link their myGov account with Centrelink. If there is any update in the particulars then first, you need to share it on the portal. the authorities will check the recent data and according to that, they will proceed with the payment.

The pensioners might be waiting to get the pension for the new month. The retirees received the payment on 14th February 2024 via the direct deposit method and those who will be getting the amount as paychecks will get it on 28th February 2024. Further in this article, we will be sharing the month-wise dates for your consideration.

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Other benefits that are provided along with the pension include the Work Bonus, Pensioner Concession Card, and Centrepay. The Veterans receive income support from the authorities as per their eligibility.

Centrelink Pension Payment Schedule

The payment bifurcation according to the marital status of the individuals is shared here. The singles will receive $1,002.50 a fortnight and the couples will get $1,511.40. Kindly note that no other supplements will be included in these amounts.

How to be Eligible for Age Pension?

The doubt that the retirees have in their minds is regarding their eligibility.

  • The citizens must have a valid proof of residency even if they are an immigrant. Atleast 10 years is the minimum duration in which the citizens have resided in the country.
  • The age of the applicant has to be 67 years or above.
  • A proper record of the tax returns has to be submitted.
  • The tests will be conducted such as:
    • Means Test: The contributions that are made by the individuals when they are employed are evaluated.
    • Asset Test: The property, vehicle, money, or any other income source has to be provided to the concerned department.
    • Income Test: The assessment of the income is done so that the authorities can make a list of beneficiaries. Employment, investments, pensions, money from the benefits, annuities, and more.

The rate of payment that needs to be provided to the people is analyzed with the help of the eligibility criteria that are shared above. Older citizens must ensure the criteria before submitting the details for receiving the pension.

Pension Amount Outside Australia

The citizens who move abroad after retirement will get the payment according to the norms of the Government. The table below represents the data for the same.

Particulars  For Singles (per year) For Law Partners (per year)
Basic Rate $26,065.00 $39,296.40
Basic Supplement Rate $722.80 $1,190.80
Allowable Income Full Pension Up to $5,304 Up to $9,360
Allowable Income Part Pension Less than $58,879.60 Less than $90,334.40
Allowable Assets Full pension – homeowner Up to $301,750 Up to $451,500
Allowable Assets Part pension – homeowner Less than $645,250 Less than $971,000
Allowable Assets Full Pension – non-homeowner Up to $543,750 Up to $693,500
Allowable Assets Part Pension – non-homeowner Less than $887,250 Less than $1,213,000
Threshold $60,400 $100,200
Rate below threshold 0.25% 0.25%
Rate above threshold 2.25% 2.25%

The beneficiaries can also browse the myGov portal to check the amount. The actual income of the person who is eligible for a pension is calculated according to the threshold that is shared above.

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According to the Department of Social Services, the Age Pension and DSP are provided to the citizens. This is according to the eligibility criteria that are shared in the previous section. The table below comprises the information for the Month Wise Payment Dates.

Direct Deposit  Paychecks 
7 March 13 March
4 April 10 April
2 May 8 May
30 May 5 June
27 June 3 July
22 August 28 August
19 September 25 September
17 October 23 October

The pensioners must note that they might experience a delay in the payment due to the public holiday or any other event that is coming in between.

The authorities of Services Australia have a significant way of calculating the amount for the pension. We have shared the important points below:

Reduced Rate

The rate is according to the total time in which the candidate was an Australian Resident.

Work Bonus

The individuals who are receiving the Parenting Payment Australia will not be eligible for the bonus and no transitional rate will be applied to their pension.

Transitional Rate

The income tax rules are considered for this kind of rate. Therefore, the citizens must pay the taxes regularly without missing out on any year.

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