SASSA Payment Dates 2024 Last Chance: Child Grant, Old Age Grant, and SRD Payment Dates

Ecbert Adom
Ecbert Adom
How to Get SASSA Payment

You will find the crucial information on the SASSA Payment Dates June 2024 Child Grant, Old Age Grant, and SRD Payment Dates form here. The beneficiaries who are waiting to get the details of the SASSA Payment Dates June 2024 must read the entire article for reference.

SASSA Payment Dates June 2024

The Government of South Africa has started this project for the welfare of the people. The concerned authorities will guide them in submitting the application and checking the payment dates or the status.

The citizens who had applied for the scheme might be searching for the payment dates. They are eager to know the schedule so that they can get the required amount.

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SASSA Child Grant June 2024

Let us first discuss the critical details of the Child Grant scheme in SA. The beneficiaries are those children whose parents have a weaker financial status. The basic requirements of the children, such as their education, food, clothes, and others, require a certain amount of expense.

How to Get SASSA Payment

1998 was the year when the scheme was launched in the country, which aids several families to date.

SASSA Old Age Grant June 2024

South African Social Security Agency provides a pension to the elderly citizens of the country. The scheme is according to the discrete states of the country. The older people are unable to manage their living because of the health concerns they have. They cannot visit the workplace regularly. The cost of medicines and lifestyle choices, thus, make them in need of proper finances.

SASSA SRD Payment Dates June 2024

The SRD grant is Rs 350 for the citizens who are unemployed. The procedure was started post-pandemic to provide financial assistance to the people. is the direct link to the portal at which the beneficiaries can check the dates and the status. We have shared the details below:

24 to 30 December are the dates on which the payment of 350 shall be transferred to the account of the beneficiaries. The Ministry of Finance has started a scheme for providing a specific amount to the citizens. Not only the lifestyle choices but also the amount, the citizens will be able to make certain savings at the end of the month.

How to Check SASSA Payment Status June 2024?

There are basically three methods for checking the status. The first is online, the second is via WhatsApp, and the last one is to call the officials. We are sharing the prompt details of each of these in this section.

Online Procedure

The beneficiaries can know the payment details using an internet source.

  • Browse the main website of the concerned authority.
  • For authentication, the beneficiaries will have to login.
  • Tap on the ‘Check Your Status tab’.
  • Enter the required details.

Wait for some time to get the relevant information.


The citizens must not worry if they have not received a payment yet. They can make a call on 0800601011, which is the official calling number. The consult person will ask certain questions that need to be answered properly.

Digital Platform

Whatsapp has been used by millions of users across the globe and also for official purposes. SASSA officials believe that it is the most convenient method to connect with citizens who have a doubt regarding the SASSA Payment Dates December.

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0820468553 is the number at which a WhatsApp message has to be sent. The beneficiaries will have to type “STATUS” along with their SRD ID. A few moments later, the information will be displayed on the text window.

Points to Remember for SASSA Payment

The beneficiaries should know some of the essential points before checking the payment status.

  • The status might not be the latest. It totally depends on the application date and the schedule managed by the authorities.
  • You must enter the current month for which you want to know the status. Otherwise, the details displayed might be of the previous month.
  • Always refer to the official website to check the latest updates. Avoid entering the sensitive information on the unofficial portals.
  • Take assistance from the SASSA officials in case of any queries. We have already shared the details in the previous section.

The citizens who have not registered for the schemes as discussed in this article can apply online. They have to simply sign up and log in to the main portal.

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  • SASSA want us to put our money into our bank accounts so why do we have to stand in queues at the few SASSA officers there are on special days for giving bank details to be left outside because they see to young mothers and babies. Everything else gets done on the day they say is for us old people. So why don’t you and the Banks work together to help us get our money in our bank and by giving the bank access to get us to fill in the forms or do it electronically as the bank has our ID numbers, our Addresses our finger prints everything you need even we can give our SASSA card number so you can link us on your side or is that to much to ask. Your SASSA officers are always so crowded and preferences get given too who you know and they get helped first seen it a number if times.
    Can you not arrange for people to go to halls in suburbs and help old people that way to get there money into there banks .
    Just think out the box and your lives will be easier to.
    And by this means you can get rid of all the fraudulent cards out there to. And don’t tell me there are not any.

  • It’s quite surprising that the government is also paying for the so called immigrants social distressed grants but failing to improve older people’s grants to a better level e.g to atleast R3500 pm since the current grants is not enough compared to the inflation rate that we are faced with.
    The R2080 grants is a slap in a face of elderly people when compared to the inflation and I doubt african pensioners are earning far below our white people grants recievers meaning that our government is actually not taking us black pensioners seriously!!!

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