Disability Grant South Africa: How Much is the Disability Grant, How Qualifies?

Ecbert Adom
Ecbert Adom
Disability Grant South Africa

Read this article to know the relevant details regarding the Disability Grant South Africa: How Much is the Disability Grant, How Qualifies? And the documents required. The South African Social Security Agency works towards the welfare of the citizens of the country. Numerous schemes have been initiated by them and have helped the people live a better life. One such scheme is the Disability Grant South Africa. Let’s find out more about the project in further sections of this article.

Disability Grant South Africa

The adults who are unable to work and look after themselves are aided by the funds provided under the Disability Grant South Africa. This grant is one of the first social welfare schemes introduced by South Africa in the year 1937. Individuals can be suffering from either a physical or a mental disability.

People who are not able to work for a min of six months are covered under the scheme. They shall be provided temporary grants by the government. Sometimes, it can happen that the person may not be able to recover for a period exceeding twelve months. In such cases, the authorities will provide them with the assistance under the permanent grant.

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How Much is the Disability Grant?

The amount of the Disability Grant shall be disbursed in any of the ways specified by the authorities and according to the convenience of the receiver. The officials shall fix a particular day to pay the grant in cash. The applicant can also opt to receive it through an online deposit in the bank account provided by the applicant.

Disability Grant South Africa

In case you are under the care of an institute not under the administration of the state, the payment can also be made to them. The aid amount shall be provided on a monthly basis and shall be a maximum of ZAR 2090.

How Qualifies for the Disability Grant South Africa?

The person who seeks to get assistance from this scheme must fulfill a particular set of criteria. These criteria have been specified by the concerned authorities, and the amount of aid will depend on the situation of the applicant. Read the below points to ascertain the requirements for qualification.

  • The person must be older than eighteen yrs and less than the age of fifty-nine.
  • Applicant must be a citizen, resident, or a refugee in the country.
  • They must be in possession of a medical examination done by a doctor appointed by the state. This examination shall evaluate the level of the disability.
  • The medical examination should have been done within three months from the application date.
  • If the person is not married or single, the income earned by them must not be more than ZAR 86280. In the case of marriage, the revenue should be less than ZAR 2455200.
  • Ensure that the claimant is not enrolled in any other assistance program.
  • The assets owned by the claimant shall not cross a value of ZAR 1227600 if they are unmarried or single.

The married claimants who wish to qualify must not have more than ZAR 2455200 of assets.

Disability Grant South Africa Documents Required

There are certain documents required by the Government in order to provide assistance under the Disability Grant South Africa.

  • UIF document or, in case of previous employment, a discharge certificate provided by the employer.
  • If the applicant is a refugee, they must provide the refugee ID and the status permit.
  • The bank statement shall also be required to show the transactions from the last three months.
  • The claimant shall also be required to provide proof of assets, income, residence, and marital status.
  • A bar-coded ID must be provided, which shall consist of thirteen digits.

We have mentioned the entire list of documents to make the application process smoother.

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How to Apply for Disability Grant South Africa?

Since you have read the details of the qualifications and the mandatory documents, let’s proceed with the application process.

  • The specified forms shall be provided by the officials at any of the offices operated by the SASSA.
  • Make sure to carry all the documents that have been listed in the article before.
  • If the applicant is unable to visit the office owing to the severity of the disability, any relative or friend may visit and proceed with the application on behalf of the applicant.

After submitting the application, you will get the credentials to confirm the status. Save that particular information for your specific use.

Disability Grant South Africa Helpdesk

At the time of applying, if there are any queries faced by the applicant, please get in touch with the Disability Grant South Africa helpdesk. The officials shall guide you and clarify all your doubts. One can reach them by calling 0800601011 during office hours. They can also be reached at [email protected].

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  • I applied for a grant and was declined due to been a white male. The doctor appointed did not look at my file and ignored the medical examination done by the hospital.

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