CPP OAS Payment Dates July-August 2024: When CPP and OAS Benefits are coming

Ecbert Adom
Ecbert Adom

Know the specific information for the CPP OAS Payment Dates July 2024: When CPP and OAS Benefits are coming in July 2024 from here. The citizens who have enlisted themselves for the retirement pension are waiting to know the CPP OAS Payment Dates July. They will find the right details further from this article.

CPP OAS Payment Dates July 2024

The cost of living expenses is touching the sky in Canada. The citizens are searching for ways to overcome the challenges. They are either earning a passive income by doing freelancing or hourly jobs. Hence the concept of CPP OAS has put the kickstart on the monthly savings.

According to the latest news, the payment for both the pension schemes will begin in the month of July. Later, the payments will be transferred in every last week of the month. The details of the money can be checked from the portal or the My CRA Account.

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Who will Qualify for CPP OAS?

The citizens who have completed the relevant years in the country will get the benefits. They have to make the relevant contributions to receive the CPP OAS amount.


After the retirement, money will be transferred via the direct deposit in the bank accounts. The CRA officials are responsible for considering the applications. If there is a mistake then the requests are said to be cancelled.

Schedule for CPP OAS

For the beneficiaries, the schedule is vital to know so that they can plan their investments accordingly. The dates on which the payment will be available to the beneficiaries are as follows:

  • 29 Jan
  • 27 Feb
  • 26 March
  • 26 April
  • 29 May
  • 26 July
  • 29 July
  • 28 August
  • 25 Sept
  • 29 Oct
  • 27 Nov
  • 20 Dec

These are the predicted dates for the following year 2024. If there would be any modification in the data then CRA will notify the beneficiaries. They can check out the details from the My CRA account. The older citizens who are new to the process will have to initially register to the My CRA.

When CPP and OAS Benefits are coming in July 2024?

As we have discussed above, the applicants will be going to receive the amount on 29 July. Some of the internet sources are suggesting that the payments will start in the second week of July only. However, the reality of the payments can only be understood by the Canadian Revenue Agency authorities. The benefits will be increased the next year which is CAD 68500. The change in the amount will be feasible for the people to manage their cost of living expenses.

The payment will be helpful for older citizens to avoid the situation of debt. This generally occurs when the person has stopped working. The consistent part of income stops immediately which is why they have to apply for a loan. However, with the benefits of CPP & OAS, individuals can comfortably manage their retirement.

Program Categories

Retirement pension and disability benefits are both included in the benefits. The unique advantages will only be provided when the applicants satisfy the eligibility criteria. A quick check for the criterion can be done by visiting the official website.

The last payment date was 20 December 2023, in which several beneficiaries have benefitted. CPP is the oldest and the most common method that is in action for the citizens. Both the worker and employer contributions are included in it so that the pensioners can receive the desirable amount.

$1300 is the maximum retirement benefit provided to the citizen, whereas, for the disabled, it is, more than $1500. Canada.ca is the official portal at which the payment status can be checked or from the My CRA Account, as we have mentioned earlier.

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CPP Increase in 2024

The individuals are continuously hearing the news for the CPP Increase in 2024. We have shared the expected amount that will be provided to the citizens. The contribution increase limit might be changed according to inflation, which will also increase the retirement amount.

The current indexing rate is 4.8%, with which the benefits will be provided to the retirees. This is predicted that there are chances of Max CPP in 2024. The main benefit of this increase is that older people will have a constant income during their retirement age. They do not have to be dependent on anyone to live their lives.

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