Child Care Subsidy Australia: How Much is Child Care Subsidy? Eligibility, Payment Dates

Child Care Subsidy

Check the details about the Child Care Subsidy Australia: How Much is Child Care Subsidy? Eligibility, Payment Dates here. Parenting is convenient in the country as the eligible citizens receive Child Care Subsidy Australia. In this article, we will be sharing the essential information for the eligibility criteria and the ways to receive payment.

Child Care Subsidy Australia

The Australian Citizens are receiving financial assistance from the Government for child care. The benefit is provided to low-income families with foster care. The childcare subsidy will be granted to every child in the family. The age and the size of the family are vital factors for calculating the Subsidy Amount.

The children below 13 and not attending secondary school will be granted a specific amount. The subsidy is commenced as the part of Australian Government’s Job for Families Child Care Package. The subsidy is generally provided to the beneficiaries directly avoiding the extra out-of-pocket cost.

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What Is Child Care Subsidy?

The Subsidy is the replacement of the Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Rebate. The program was initiated for the families affected by the pandemic. Later it replaced the older version of the benefits and updated the rules of the benefits to provide the long-term benefits for the parents.

Child Care Subsidy

Families with child care are eligible to receive the payment. The subsidy does not cover informal care such as babysitting, standard preschool, or kindergartens.

How Much is Child Care Subsidy?

The amount for the subsidy depends upon the family income and the circumstances of the household. The basic factors include:

  • The combined family income (the family should undergo the mean test to check the annual income).
  • The per-hour work schedule of each parent and the wages from activities like Paid work, training, volunteering, or looking for work.
  • The type of child care services the kid has been enrolled in. The care centre may include long day care, occasional care, family day care, and outside-school care.

The other factors for the amount of the subsidy include the family income. The household income helps to determine the percentage of the benefit provided to the candidates.

  • If the family earns around $72,466 they are eligible to receive 85 percent of the subsidy. The household earning between $72466 and $356756 will receive 75 percent of the subsidy.
  • For a family earning more than $189,390, the annual cap will not be included in the subsidy. The hourly fees will be terminated depending upon the subsidy.
  • The annual cap is the additional benefit provided to the families if both the parents are working as full-time employees. The amount of the grant will go 1% with each $5000 increase in the annual income.
Service Daily  Casual
Early Learning Centre $148 N/A
Out Of School Service $52.50 $54.50
Vacation Care $103.50 N/A

The Government has set the minimum fees for the care centre. The table shows the details about each care centre and the amount on he daily or casual basis.

Eligibility Child Care Subsidy Australia

The applicants may be eligible to receive the benefit only if they follow all the criteria mentioned in this section:

  • The child under care should be below 13 yrs.
  • The child should be vaccinated with all the immunized diseases.
  • The parents should have all the habitual residential proof of the country.

There are certain categories for the eligibility of the Additional Child Care Support Subsidy.

  • Eligible grandparents with the minimum source of income can register to receive the funds for their child care.
  • The families having temporary financial stability can register for the subsidy.
  • The guardian taking care of the child who is abusive, and needs the psychiatrist treatment or other treatments are eligible for the benefit.

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Payment Dates for Child Care Subsidy Australia

The payments are made with a direct deposit to Child Care Easy Pay. The amount can be deposited through the Smart Central Format. The amount can also be sent to the salary account of either of the parents through UWA Staff Member. The amount is deposited in the yearly format. The date of deposit starts from July in every year.

If the families want to claim the benefit as a monthly deposit. They can apply for the changes. The amount of the yearly CCS will be distributed in monthly installments.

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