$800 Stimulus Checks Are Going Out for Seniors? Who is getting it? Payment Dates, Eligibility

$800 Stimulus Checks are Coming for Seniors

Check the details about the $800 Stimulus Checks are Coming for Seniors? Who is getting it? Payment Dates and Eligibility Check here.  If you are confused that the $800 stimulus is disbursed in your state or not, then you are on the right page. We have shared the complete details about the $800 Stimulus Checks are Coming for Seniors in this article.

$800 Stimulus Checks are Coming for Seniors?

The citizens of various states have been dealing with the financial crises. The Central Government in conjunction with the state authorities has decided to release the $800 stimulus for the welfare of the citizens. The major affected candidates are the seniors of the nation. They have low incomes and are completely dependent on the pensions received by the SSI and SSDI. The pensioners earlier waited for the benefit of the next deposit.

The inflation and the higher cost of living in the country have encouraged the authorities to initiate the funding of stimulus for seniors. The stimulus is a one-time payment issued to reduce the financial and mental stress of the seniors. The seniors need to provide all the related documents to receive the stimulus.

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Who is getting $800 Stimulus Checks?

There are certain eligibility criteria that the candidates should follow n order to receive the benefit amount. The basic requirements to receive the stimulus amount are discussed in this section


  • There is no age limit to receive the stimulus. The amount is distributed to all the candidates receiving the regular benefits under SSI and SSDI.

$800 Stimulus Checks are Coming for Seniors

  • The candidates who receive the additional benefit amount of $5200 for the pensioners should be retired and above 65 years of age.


  • The interested candidates should be permanent and legal residents of the country. They should have all the related documents that specify their residency.

Income limit

  • The adjusted gross income of the family should be less than $75000 for the single individuals. A family of more than 4 members should have a net income of $150,000. The candidates having quite more than the net income are eligible to apply for the half amount for the benefit.

Asset limit

  • The assets of the candidates will also be considered whole, calculating the amount of the disbursements. The asset includes the savings in cash or the personal account. The inherited property or the other assets. The house of the current resident will not be calculated as an asset. If they own any other property outside the country, the value of the property will also be considered.

Social Security number

  • The candidates should have the social security number that is issued during registration of the accounts in the SSA.

Disability Benefit

  • The disabled candidates should provide all related documents, such as medical or treatment prescriptions, to receive the amount. The candidates with a temporary disability will receive partial payment, while those with long-term causes will be unable to receive the full payment.

$800 Stimulus Checks  Payment Dates

The payments are estimated to be released in the upcoming months. However, the application to receive the benefit will be released shortly. The individuals are advised to fill out the application at the earliest time to receive the amount.

The applicant should not wait till the last day to fill out the form as there might be any technical hurdles during the closing period of the application

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$800 Stimulus Checks Fact Check

There are many rumors over the internet about the stimulus and its funding. As we know the Stimulus is part of the previous year’s funds, and the amount will be disbursed accordingly. However, there are only a few states that have approved the disbursement of the amount. The amount of the stimulus will be completely dependent on the state authorities. The stimulus of certain regions is discussed in this section

Virginia: The seniors with the law partners will receive around $400. The singles will receive half of the payment.

California: The authorities have initiated a tax refund of around $200 to $1050.

Colorado: The stimulus is issued as per the tax returns filled in the previous year

South Carolina: The seniors who have filed the tax returns of the previous year without missing or delaying the payment will receive a stimulus of $800.

New Mexico: The couple will be receiving the one-time payment of $800 while the single might receive around $400.

Montana: The tax returns and the property rebate for the previous year will be considered while calculating the stimulus amount. the candidates will receive $650 for the tax return and an additional $150 for the property taxes.

There are many other states receiving the Stimulus like Alaska, Florida, Connecticut, Indiana, and many others.

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